Sorry for the hiatus! I’ve been working on catching up on bills. Here are a few updates:


  • The last character is being drawn up right now. I can’t wait for everyone to meet him.
  • Background artwork is currently on hold until finances are back on track.
  • I’ve decided that I will debut the game at a convention…which it will be, I have yet to figure out! That being said, I’ll also go on a small tour to cons to help get the word out about the game.
  • I’ve finally finished writing the demo version for the game. After I’ve had it reviewed by some colleagues, I’ll start on Prince Ethian’s story… 😉


I’m also interested in hearing from everyone about what they look for most in a VN game… Comments are welcome 🙂



I’m slowly starting to get social media set up. The twitter is UP but nothing fascinating. If you want real-time updates on what’s happening, follow it here

MC sketch

I haven’t posted anything regarding the MC yet, so here’s a sketch of her 🙂


Kalen: Character Sheet

Hey everyone, the long awaited character sheet for character #2 is here. Meet Kalen! Our resident shy boy who is loyal (probably to a fault).



Kalen: A sketch

Alright everyone, it’s time to be introduced to character #2! Meet Kalen. While he comes off as a “bad boy” type, he’s actually a sweet and caring guy. He’s also quite cocky.  He’s the type that likes to keep to himself, but isn’t afraid to go out and have some fun.

More updates soon to come!

As always, don’t forget to check out our character artist here.