Our Team


Owner of Skycliff Entertainment and the brain behind the games. I’d like to say that coming up with all of the stories was hard…But really it consisted of watching some romance and going to sleep. The rest was history.

Background Artist

Freelance digital anime artist who focuses on doing character artworks and manga/comics. Loves drawing pretty boys and hoarding watercolor sets (she had more sets than what she can do with it.) This is her first time working for a game.

Character Artist

Hello! I’m Nopaks! I’m a Digital artist and have been drawing anime since 2011. I just got my graphic tablet back in 2015 as a birthday gift from my friend. That’s when I started to get serious in the digital art field. I like to paint pretty boys and fantasy stuff. I enjoy watching anime, especially fantasy theme with romance and a little comedy! I play otome games and Hakuouki is my favorite!