Some thoughts…

As I’m slowly putting together all of the pieces for the game, I’m starting to think about what’s next for it. When I think of VN/Otome games, I don’t want it to be like most. I want this to be big. Call it a dream, but I’m ambitious. I want to get the word out. I want people to talk about it, to love it. I want this to be on a scale like Mystic Messenger. So when I thought about how to make this happen, I though CONS! I, myself, love going to cons. I also love traveling. So, I decided to use this game to my advantage and do both. I’m hoping that in 2019, I’ll be able to travel to cons and have a booth set up for mercy & other cool stuff.  This is where you all come in.

Do you go to cons? If so, which?

Also, what would you all like to see happen with the game? Special events, etc.

What kind of merch would you like?

Thank you kindly for listening to the ramblings of someone who’s dreaming big.

I’ll have more updates for you this week. 😉


Ethian: Updated Artwork

Hi all, here’s some updated artwork for Ethian. I’ll have a full character sheet for him this weekend!

Again, be sure to check out my character artist here.


Character Development: Ethian

My artist just sent me the sketch for one of the guys, Ethian. I’m in AWE cause she made him totally beautiful. There will be a few more tweaks, then hopefully she’ll start on the digital drawing.

Meet Ethian: Ethian is a 2nd prince from the fairy realm. He’s a witty man who just enjoys having fun. While he’s witty, he’s also a bit of a smart ass. 😉 fgnft


Check out my artist here

Who We Are

My name’s Kaetlyn. I’m the owner of a startup game development company called Skycliff Entertainment. With two projects on our plate, I’ve decided to blog about the progress of one of the games: A Fairy Love. This blog will discuss all updates, ranging from character drawings and sketches to sneak peaks about each of the characters you can choose from. Welcome to the fairy world, and we hope you enjoy the journey!